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My TV Debut: Jumpsuit + Sequin Vest + Turban

Late last year I had my first ever TV interview, which I have yet to write about. For my TV debut, I opted for a jumpsuit (was given very handy tips by my very good friend Kui, thank you girl!). I wanted to make it different since this would be the third time I was wearing it in three months. So I added a sequin vest which I held in place with a slim belt. A turban, necklace and orange platform heels completed my look.

I had an awesome time at Ebru TV. I spoke about my blog, my love for fashion and how I ended up turning to blogging as an outlet. I also talked about the different opportunities and ventures (like personal shopping) that I have managed to get into. I also spoke about how to dress for the weather. All in all, I had an amazing time and still can’t believe I had that opportunity.
It’s moments like those that usually help me remember why I chose to do what I do. Particularly when the going is tough, it’s nice to know that someone believes in me enough to ask for style advice and to help them revamp their wardrobe.

P.S. I was waiting for the video to be uploaded but it seems like it hasn’t yet been put up so I will just go ahead and do the outfit post. I will make an announcement as soon as the video is up.

Thank you for stopping by.

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