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Musings | The Strong Woman

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the strong woman, the woman who many people refer to as strong. I have been going through some trying times and somehow I found the strength to stick to my decisions and not let anybody or anything sway my decision. I have found myself speaking up against injustices, refusing to accept them as the norm just because people say that’s the way life is. I have found myself unafraid of facing an uncertain future. I feel like I have finally become the proverbial strong woman.

I’m not talking about the woman who bullies everyone around her just so that she can get her way. She is kind-hearted, understanding and yet she doesn’t allow anybody to take advantage of her good nature. She treats everybody right, whether or not they deserve it.

I’m referring to that woman who knows herself. She knows her strengths, what good she brings to the table. She isn’t boastful but she is proud of herself and her achievements.

And yet, she is  able to see her faults. She acknowledges her shortcomings and she is bent on working on improving and becoming a better version of herself.

A strong woman knows her standards. She has a moral code, be it written down in her diary or in her heart. She doesn’t compromise on her values whether she is dealing with herself or with others. She isn’t afraid to lay them down because she isn’t afraid to lose you if you can’t meet them.

You see her focused on achieving her dreams. She doesn’t talk freely about it but when you ask her how it’s going, she lights up and can’t stop talking about her dream career, dream house, dream car and dream relationships.

She is the woman who isn’t afraid to love. Should she fall in love with you, she will give you her whole heart. She knows the risks involved and yet she doesn’t let this stop her.

Nevertheless, she doesn’t let the fact that she is in a relationship define who she is. She is happy and whole whether or not she has a partner.

This woman isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Should you offend her or try to manipulate her, she is able to speak up and call you out. She will not allow you to demean her self-worth.

The strong woman knows that there will be moments when she falls, when the struggle becomes too difficult to bear. And yet, she isn’t afraid to face these moments. She doesn’t pretend to have it all together. She will fight to pick herself up and when she does, she will emerge stronger than before.

I admire this woman. I am well on my way to being her and I want to encourage any of you out there who feel that they have not yet achieved this level of inner strength that you will get there. It takes time to develop such resilience, to know yourself that well. Strive to be this woman and don’t let anybody or anything stop you from achieving the life of your dreams.

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