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Motivational Monday | How To Stop Procrastinating

I have a tendency to put off tasks until such a moment that I am approaching a deadline and then there’s me scrambling to get things done. Part of the reason I postpone my work is because I might not be enjoying it or that I am not seeing any progress and thus feel discouraged.
Having realized this  about myself I decided to look for ways to help me stop delaying my work and do it in good time.

Below are 5 ways through which you too can stop procrastinating.

1. Be accountable
Inform someone, a good friend or a family member, of what you want to accomplish. More often than not they will keep asking after your progress and this will force you to work on your goals if only to have something to show them.

2. Create a checklist
Write down what your goals. For instance mine would be to blog more frequently. Then break it down to manageable tasks. In my case that is to decide on what I want to blog about from one day to the next, prepare each blog post and schedule it to go live.

3. Prioritize
Do the most urgent tasks first to avoid rushing through them when your deadline is fast approaching.

4. Do the hardest tasks first
Get the most difficult tasks done first thing in the morning, when you have the most energy and get them out of the way. This will leave you feeling less stressed.

5. Review your progress weekly
Don’t wait to review your progress at the end of the month or even year. Reviewing your progress at the end of every week will give you insights on where you need to improve your process and therefore help you do your work better and even enjoy it.

What other tips do you have that help you stop delaying your work?

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