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Motivational Monday | 10 Reasons Why You Feel Un-Motivated

I have been trying to work on keeping myself motivated throughout the year following the tips I shared on this post. However, I realized that in order to get through those days when I don’t feel particularly motivated, I need to look deeper and discover what it is that makes me feel un-motivated. I came up with the 10 reasons below.

1. You get impatient waiting for the end result
When your goal seems to perpetually loom beyond your reach, it can be easy to feel un-motivated. Remember to find joy and fulfillment in the process rather than only focusing on the end result.
2. You are overworked
Most of the time when I feel unmotivated, it is because I am overworked. It is important to take breaks in between tasks, get enough sleep and take a few days off every couple of months to recharge.
3. Fear 
Fear can have  a crippling effect on the progress you make in your life. Fear of failure or of the future prevents you from pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone leaving you feeling like you just can’t go on.
4. You stopped believing in yourself
I read somewhere that you should be your own (loudest) cheerleader. Don’t wait for others to tell you they believe in you. They might take too long to say it. Instead, constantly remind yourself of how awesome you are and see how it boosts your morale.
5. Dwelling on your mistakes
We all make mistakes but the trick here is how fast you accept that you have flaws and how much effort you put into working on them so that you bounce bark stronger and wiser. Remember that your mistakes only don’t make you who you are.
6. Resisting change
Change is inevitable. Resisting it will only frustrate you. Embrace change and use it to better yourself and also the process with which you achieve your goals.
7. You stopped visualizing what is possible
When I embarked on this journey called life I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve. But somewhere along the line, I lost sight of my goals and forgot to acknowledge those small battles I had fought and worn. Make a vision board of your goals, include your triumphs and see how this helps you to stay motivated.
8. You feel the world owes you something
I remember one day thinking that it was high time I stopped struggling, that I needed to catch a break and boy did these feelings keep me down. The tough truth is that the world owes you nothing. You have to work hard for everything you want to achieve in life and when you do achieve it, you still need to continue working hard to achieve your next goal.
9. You assume your problems are unique
No matter what you are going through, someone somewhere has gone through something similar. Seek them out. You might not make personal contact but reading their story and learning how they overcame their challenges will help you on your journey.

10. You see failure as a reason to turn back
Just because you failed in one thing doesn’t mean you will keep on failing. All it means is that you need to restrategize, to take another route in order to reach your destination.
The next time you feel un-motivated, ask yourself why you feel so down. Perhaps working on the reasons why will help you overcome those feelings early enough in the long run.

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