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Monday Stylist, My Style


OUTFIT DETAILS: White dress; Navy blue blazer; Red belt; Sling backs; Leather handbag
Hi all!!
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I recently bought this white dress and was so excited to wear it. You see I don’t have an all white dress and this one had a lot of unique detailing that I thought made it very interesting. So I rocked it to church one Sunday and was somewhat proud of myself.
I say somewhat because I have mixed feelings about the outcome. For one the dress made me look bigger than I really am. I’m a size 8 and I’m not as curvy as many women, case in point my younger sister. But I am proud of my body and don’t mind wearing clothes  that give the illusion that I am curvier than I am.
However, for many women I have spoken to, they would like to wear a white dress and not look bigger. So I scoured the internet and came up with these tips on how to wear a white dress and not look bigger than you really are.
5 Tips When Wearing a White dress
1. Wear a dress made of well-structured fabric that will hold your body in place and prevent unnecessary juggling while you are walking. What I’ve come to realize about light fabrics is that they show all your curves and if you are on the heavier side, you don’t want people staring  at you for the wrong reasons. So avoid  very light fabrics and instead look for heavier ones.
2. Speaking of well-structured, get a dress that has been tailored to fit your curves. It doesn’t hurt to take it to the tailor to make a few adjustments. Wear a dress that skims over your body instead of hanging loose in some places or is too tight over others.
3. Accentuate your waist by adding a belt. Belts are not only won to hold your jeans up. They are also won for decorative purposes and to highlight your waistline. This is especially necessary if you are wearing a dress and you need to outline your silhouette.
4. Wear a petticoat. There is nothing as unsightly as a woman wearing a dress and you can see her underwear right through the fabric. Invest in a petticoat especially for those dresses that are made of clingy, light coloured fabrics.
5. Add a blazer to give the illusion of wearing a top and a skirt. Add colour to your outfit with bright accessories.
What other factors do you consider when wearing a white dress? Leave your tips in the comments section below and I’ll share them with the other readers.

Happy Monday!!!
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