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Hello lovelies!
It’s now two months since Elly came into this world and she is adapting so well, so fast. Over the last one month, her eyesight has improved and now whenever I put her down and move around a room, she follows me with her eyes and even turns her head to look for me if I move out of her line of sight. There are times when she starts to cry when she can’t see me. I know it isn’t a very good thing that she is this attached to me because in the event that I will need to leave her at home while running my errands, she will have a difficult time. For instance, some weeks ago I had to go for my post-baby check-up. I had a very early morning appointment so I decided to leave her at home with my mum. The long and short is that I ended up missing her so much. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. And it appears the feeling was mutual because when Elly woke up and I wasn’t the one who picked her up, she was terribly upset. I rushed home soon after I finished at the clinic to find a very upset little girl who couldn’t understand where her mother had gone. Since then, she always checks to make sure I am around.
One other milestone that Elly has reached is that she smiles more and more every day. At first her smiles were few and far between. But these days she smiles more frequently and laughs quite a bit. She even smiles in her sleep! And she has the most beautiful smile ever! When I’m feeling low, just seeing her beatific smile lifts up my spirits.
At 6 weeks, Elly had her follow up check-up and vaccination. She received an oral dose and two injections. I remember this day like it was a bad dream. The doctor had me hold both of Elly’s legs so that he could inject her.  She cried so much! I almost cried as well. I wanted to be given the injections for her so she wouldn’t be in so much pain. Her dad did pick her up and managed to calm her down enough so that I could give her some Calpol to help with the resulting fever. That was one of the longest days yet.
On the sleep front, Elly is sleeping more and more these days. She sleeps for longer hours at night and only wakes up once or twice to feed and get changed and then falls back asleep. Our daily routine is pretty stable. She wakes up at about 9a.m, feeds, has a bath and then sleeps again. On most days she wakes up at 2p.m to eat again then we play a little before she sleeps some more. I try to keep her awake from about 6p.m so that she can sleep better at night. I do this by speaking to her, singing and playing with her. I’m lucky that I have several people at home to entertain her so that she doesn’t fall back to sleep.
The biggest challenge I am facing is that the many people who are around her to carry her has made it difficult for me to train her to sit on her own. I am trying to train her though and I believe in good time, Elly will learn to sit on her own with or without people being around her.
So far these are my experiences with my two month old baby girl. She has greatly improved since her first month and is growing to be a real beauty. 
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Happy Tuesday.

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