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Audrey Masitsa, Mum n Baby

Miss Elly…Two and A Half Years Later

Elly turns two and a half on Sunday and I thought it would be a good opportunity to give you a bit of a life update on baby girl. I can’t help but marvel at how fast she is growing. Elly is quickly becoming so independent, it makes me both proud and sad. Proud because it’s so nice to see her doing things for herself and sad because she seems to need me less and less with each passing day.

Milestones so far

  • Speech

As I shared in this post, Elly’s speech just keeps on improving. There are times when she says something and I’m left wondering where and how she learned that word or phrase.
Now we hold conversations together, which is very interesting considering some of the things that she says are pure baby talk, which as a mother, you somehow manage to understand.
She can name parts of the body, recognize some animals and can use adjectives such as pretty, bad, please or nicely, etc.
There are times when you give her something new to eat and her reaction is priceless! Oh Elly. My sweet Elly, lol. There’s a time my mum made fruit juice and Elly was quick to help her. And then, when she was given the juice to drink, she tasted it and said, “Juice so bad!” I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. It was so funny!

  • Independence

Omg!! The things that baby girl does sometimes leave me in disbelief. For instance, when I am giving her a bath, she has started asking to wash herself. When we started I would let her wash just her legs but just the other day she managed to wash almost her entire body while I stood by supervising. She also does such things as putting on or removing her sweater or shoes, changing for bed and when I ask who did it for her she says, “Myself!”

  • Discovery and Shenanigans

As baby girl continues to explore her surroundings and learn new things, the number of naughty things she does seems to increase. She loves playing with water. I don’t mind this too much but there are times, particularly when it is cold out, when I just don’t understand why she has to touch water, yet she will inevitably get wet. I am always so afraid of her catching a cold because I know what discomfort she will have to endure. And yet, she continues playing with water.
I have also noticed that Elly choose whose buttons she will push. For example, with her older uncle (I have two brothers so the older one) she is so naughty. I think she knows that he will hardly discipline her and they play a lot, some games which involve bullying me a little. But then with her other uncle, she is quite calm.

Other things that she has started doing a lot is writing. She is fond of picking up a pen and asking for either a book or piece of paper where she can write. She has also become somewhat of a pro with a camera and knows that one has to smile for photos. But I think she learned this one from the time she was in the stomach haha!
Looking back at how far she has come, I can’t believe that she will soon be off to school, something she keeps telling me she wants to do. I keep telling her to slow down but she is determined to get bigger and bigger no matter what I say.

Thank you for stopping by. xo

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