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Audrey Masitsa, Motherhood

Miss Elly Turns 3

 Tomorrow my baby turns 3! Can you believe it? I definitely can’t. She’s growing up too fast for my liking. As the days go by she gets more and more independent and I’m not certain how I will cope the day she doesn’t need me at all.
Over the last year, baby girl has grown by leaps and bounds. She’s getting taller and prettier (if I do say so myself) everyday. She opens doors by herself and just the other day she told me to let her get in and out of the bath tub by herself. Omg! When did this happen! She even wants to bathe herself, pick her own clothes and dress herself.
Her speech is quite well developed. You see when Elly started speaking, she used to say one word, then she moved on to phrases and now she makes whole sentences. I remember when I first realized that she can make whole sentences, I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe it. And she isn’t afraid to keep learning even pronouncing harder words like punisher and chatterbox.

With the progress in growth and speech there’s an equal amount of cheekiness also. There are times when she does mischief and then she says, “Run away” and off she goes. I’m sometimes so baffled at the things that she does that I just look at her, wondering what to do. Of course I have started teaching her the difference between right and wrong so she knows when she is on the wrong and she knows she will get punished.

I’m very excited to see her grow and become more herself. I cherish every moment that I have spent with her so far and all those that we will spend together in the future. I love you very much baby girl. Happy birthday!

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