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Miss Elly: Colour-blocked Pink

Whoever said that girls should be dressed in pink must have had baby girl in mind (more like her mama). I was recently going through Elly’s clothes and I was amazed by how much pink this little girl seems to own. Whenever I am out shopping for her, I absentmindedly always end up picking only pink clothes.Yeah, I have admitted, I have a problem. So now I make a mental effort to vary the colours that I buy for her. But this doesn’t stop me from colour-blocking. Did you know you can pair pink with so many other colours? Take this lime green half-sweater. I bought it and then realised I could pair it with these tights for a matchy-matchy outfit. Denim shorts, always a favourite and a polka-doted t-shirt brought the whole outfit together.

We were in the middle of deciding what to do with baby girl’s hair (or ‘lele’ as she calls it, i.e. nywele, which is Swahili for hair) when we took these photos. Can you tell how obsessed she is with her hair?

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  1. Sophie Atieno

    Aww,such a cute little girl

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    Thank you Sophie. xo

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