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MISS ELLY…Celebrates Her 6 Month Birthday

MISS ELLY…Celebrates Her 6 Month Birthday

Guess what? My little angel turns 6 months today!!! We’re having a mini birthday party for her. And because many, many of you have asked for pics of my baby girl, today’s post is all about her.

Elly was born in March, on the night of the 11th and these 6 months couldn’t have gone by faster. It’s amazing to see her grow up right before our eyes. From one week to the next, we notice such a change in the things she can manage to do. When I consider those first few days with her and what life currently is like with Elly around, there is a huge difference. Even just her sleeping has improved! 6 months is a big deal for me and I can’t wait to see her become more and more herself.
















Six-month old milestones
Apart from those that I mentioned in last month’s Midweek Reflections, these are some of the milestones Elly has achieved.

  • She now knows what she likes and will show you very clearly that she isn’t interested in something if she dislikes it.
  • She recognizes people in the house, has her favourites although, as long as she gets the amount of attention that she wants, she doesn’t mind who is carrying her.
  • Colour! Babies love colour! Even just what you’re wearing can make her more or less interested in you. And shiny things!
  • She started sitting without support and can now be left to entertain herself for short periods of time.
  • She has her favourite toy and even recognizes what is hers.
  • She is one happy baby. She laughs quite easily and instantly brightens the mood wherever she is. And is very naughty. She has the cheekiest smile when she does something naughty. One of her favorite games is to get hold of books or newspapers and tear the pages.
  • She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth so I have to be extra vigilant to keep small objects away from her and ensure that her toys are always clean to prevent stomach bugs.
  • When you read to her she calms down enough to listen to your voice and admire the colours in the book. She also likes it when we sing to her.
  • She’s an outdoorsy girl. Even just sitting outside, basking in the sun for 10 minutes makes her more relaxed. Her favourite moments are her Sunday outings which started right when she was born.
  • Today I start weaning her. I’ll give you a breakdown of what I am feeding her as we go along.

On behalf of Elly’s dad and myself, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for all your support as we go through this new adventure in our lives.

God bless you all!

Happy Thursday!



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