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Audrey Masitsa, Mum n Baby

Miss Elly…1st Outfit Post

Once Elly became old enough to wear a variety of clothes that did not include rompers, I got so excited to finally be able to style this little girl. In fact, two weeks ago I went shopping for her and I had to stop myself from buying everything I lay my eyes on.
She hasn’t mastered walking yet although she likes to show off that she can stand without support (she expects you to cheer her on) so I still have to factor in crawling when I am shopping for and dressing her.
This dress and tights is a typical Sunday outfit. Elly’s grandma is so kind as to send me loads of clothes for baby girl and the packages usually contain tights and dresses and this dress was one such gift. I paired it with some stockings and a long-sleeved top to combat the cold. A sweater did make an appearance but baby girl, being her fussy little self, had it removed.
She is photographed here playing with her uncle. She can hardly stand still long enough to be photographed so this was a lucky shot.

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