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Hello lovelies!
May has been a month of reckoning for me. I have come to terms with many things and made several life-changing decisions. But I am excited to embark on new and exciting things come next month.
On Life
I am 11 weeks into this thing called motherhood and I still can’t believe I have Elly in my life. We’ve spent so much time together that every time I think of having to leave her at the end of my maternity leave, I get stressed out. I have left her twice when I had to run some errands. At first I found it very difficult to even concentrate on the task at hand but as Elly gets older and more settled, I am learning to let go. 
On the Blog
 As much as I had good intentions of blogging more often, there are days when Elly’s needs keep me away from my laptop so I end up unable to post on the blog. But I am now trying to schedule my blog posts in advance so that the events of each day do not hinder me from doing what I love. As of next month, I have challenged myself to post every day (except on weekends). 
Speaking of challenges, this month I started the Simplify Your Life Challenge. I have managed to work on three points, de-clutter my wardrobe, follow my heart and learning to laugh about stressful situations. I will take a break next month to put these three points into practice before embarking on the next three challenges.
 Audrey’s Outfits: Jumpsuit, Floral pants, Sheer dress
Another achievement I am very proud of is that I have finally started doing outfit posts again. After I had my baby I felt like I had lost my dressing mojo. But after a lot of soul-searching and acceptance, I have finally started dressing up again. And since I am trying to have a wardrobe that only has pieces that I love and will wear, I am using every opportunity I get to shop to buy only those items of clothing that will have a longer staying period. And hey, this is a chance for me to redo my wardrobe so I am happy!
On Business
Now that I have someone who depends on me, I have had to make up my mind on what I want to do with my life. I know there are many people who will tell me that I need a “real” job (what does that mean anyway?) but I have decided to politely listen to them but continue with what I love most. I want to write and run my online store so that’s what I will be doing from next month. I have had a lot of time to plan things so be sure to drop by for more information.
Thank you for stopping by and happy Wednesday!

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  1. Unknown

    So personal yet sparks some inspiration, check my blog, working on Discipline… Thank you for sharing.

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    Glad you liked it!

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