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Hello there!!
I hope May has been a good month for you. I have to say that I have had to face new horizons this month and come to terms with CHANGE.
On Life…
You see my brother moved out of home a week ago and my way of coping is to banish any thought of not seeing him whenever I want. My brother and I are born one year apart and we have been the best of friends. We tell each other everything and he is one person I can count on for the truth as well as a shoulder to lean on during tough times. He is so cool, whenever I want to go clubbing guess who I ask to accompany me? Yeah. But all that came to an end when I encouraged him to take up a job that required him to move out of Nairobi. I miss him so much, but I am afraid that if I tell him, it will make it harder for him to settle down to his new life.
On blogging…
I had hoped to blog everyday this month but life got the better of me and I had a minor setback, one of them being that I fell sick last week and had to take time off to recuperate. That coupled with the tensions surrounding my hunt for a job and changes at home, made me lose psych for blogging. But I am trying a new strategy of creating my blog posts for the week over the weekend so that I have at least one post up every day.
My main lesson this month is that change is inevitable. One way or the other we all have to face it. What matters is how we choose to deal with it. There are times when I run away from the thought of change and there are times when I see it as an opportunity to gain new experiences and make new connections. So whatever you are going through at this very moment, take time out and see it as a good opportunity for you to grow as a person and as a friend.
Happy Wednesday!!
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1 Comment

  1. Shen Dove

    Good luck with your new blogging schedule! Preparing content for daily posting takes time. I know how difficult it is to balance blogging with other life commitments.

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