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Hello lovelies! Today is the last day of July, can you believe it?  I have been down with the flu but I’m feeling much better today so I just had to squeeze in one last post before the month ends. Life lately has taken an interesting turn. I have taken up quite a number of roles this month among them being PR for my brother’s company. It’s part-time so I have time to do other things as well. I find that I like to dapple in many different things since I easily get bored especially when I have to do the same thing over and over again. I think this is why going freelance really sits well with me. Apart from the fact that no two days are the same, I have more time with Elly and I get to organize myself and my work the way it suits me, something I found that helps me become better at organizing myself.

Life and Motherhood
Elly is four months old now. She’s growing up so fast. She sits and has started trying to get up on her own. She has become quite friendly and smiles at everyone (nothing takes away the stresses of each day like seeing my little angel smile). Elly “talks” A LOT! I keep telling people that when she does start talking, she’ll be a woman of many words. It’s getting easier to spend our days together with me dedicating a few hours to work. She’s learning how to entertain herself. The hardest bit is feeding time. Because now she’s very aware of her surroundings, she gets distracted easily. Any small noise attracts her attention and she wants to check it out.
Sometimes I look at her and wonder at how far we come in life. We start off as innocent babies, not knowing the evils that are in this world. We only know the good, the smiles and laughter of those around us, the assurance that we are safe and nobody can hurt us, the comforting arms that are ready and willing to pick us up whenever we are uncomfortable, etc. As babies, we are dependent on those around us. Then as we grow up we become increasingly independent and eventually get to a point where we are totally independent and ready to start families of our own.
Each day I thank God for bringing me so far and for giving me this little angel as a reminder that I should be thankful for every little thing that has happened in my life.

Blogging and Business
These two have merged into one major project. This month, I would like to tell you a little about the new series I have started on the blog.

  • Plus-Size Fashion – A series dedicated to curvy ladies. After having Elly, I found that my body  has changed and so have my wardrobe choices. This series is my compilation of what works for curvy bodies and what doesn’t. See first post on jumpsuits for curvy girls.
  • Hair – I’ve always loved experimenting with my hair. At some point it was my signature style until I got lax about it and let it go. I have, however, gotten my mojo back and will include this series in the blog to help me keep at it and to inspire you to get creative with your hair. My first post was on going natural.
  • Maternity Fashion – After finishing my 9 months of Maternity Diaries, I sorta abandoned this area of fashion. Many ladies are looking for inspiration on what to wear during their maternity period and I have revived this series in order to give you different style ideas to dress up your baby bump. Check out my post on office-appropriate maternity wear.

 Other series that have been on the blog for a while include:

  • Audrey’s Style – A compilation of some of my outfits. I don’t get to put up as many as I would like but I am working to increase these posts.
  • Celeb Style –  My favourite celebrity outfits that week as a source of inspiration on what more you can do with the clothes you have in your wardrobe. Sometimes it features red carpet style.
 Celebrity Style: Winter Edition
Celebrity Style: BET Awards 2014
  • Trends to Try – Decoding new trends and how to include them in your day to day outfits
  • How To – These posts answer the question “How do I style….” This month it was pencil skirts and sweatshirts
    • Botique i2s: My online store. Visit my website for available stock or follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for stock updates. Remember if you are looking for something specific to add to your wardrobe or to wear to an event, you can contact me via email (

    Which were your favourite posts on the blog this month? Do share in the comments below.

    Happy Thursday and thank you for stopping by!



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