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Hi all!!
I hope your week is going on great. Does anyone else feel like July has gone by too fast? I was looking at my calender thinking about what to write for this post when I realized a time like this next week we’ll be saying goodbye July, hello August.
A lot has happened this month. Let’s see if I can summarize it into a not too long post.
On Life:
July has seen me have to make so many adjustments. I graduated towards the end of June so it had been party, party, party all through the end of that month. But I had to refocus my mind on what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve always dreamed of living a life that I would look back on with a satisfied smile because I did my very best and used my talents to the full. But I also want to have fun while doing it. I also realized that in September I’ll be celebrating two major milestones in my life so I needed to get my act together.
I have made some mistakes, had some small and some major slips of character but now I have goals for August, to work on my personal growth as well as my career growth.
I also realized how much my boyfriend had done for me to ensure I was comfortable while I did my soul-searching. I don’t know if he knows this, but I appreciate everything, big and small, that you do for me. Thank you baby.
On Blogging:
This month I carried on the marketing of my new venture courtesy of my blog. I want to give people a personalized shopping experience where they get to buy stylish clothes that they love and make them look gorgeous. You know that confidence that suddenly makes and appearance when you are dressed to kill? I want to give people that experience. Although I didn’t manage to put as much time as I wanted to into this, I have decided to cut back on some of the things I have taken on so that this dream of mine can become a reality. 
The last two months have been tough on me health-wise. I have been unwell more often than I have been well. My work and blogging suffered a bit but I am now feeling much better. I hope next month will go easy on me and on you all  so that we can tick some major goals off our 2013 checklist.
My mantra for this second half of this year is to make sure that the goals I have set for myself are realized. Some have come to fruition others haven’t and others are a work in progress.
What I’ve learnt over the last two months is that I have to lean on God for his help more often than I already do. In this way, when things get too tough, I won’t break down and become a wreck. Instead I’ll have His saving grace to fall back on.
Have a lovely remainder of the week!!

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Happy Thursday!!!
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