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Mid-week Reflections: January Edition

Hello everybody! I hope the first month of 2015 has been good to you. I have so much to share in this month’s Mid-week Reflections.

On Work
First things first, I have managed to put up a post every day (Monday to Friday) this month. I am so happy to have accomplished this. At the beginning of this year I mentioned that I had made a resolution to be more regular with my blogging and so far so good! I had intended to have posts up by 7:30 a.m. I managed for most days but on some I put them up a bit later, but they were still up.

When I launched my new website, I mentioned that I was working on something new and exciting. I have not been able to share it with you until now. I will do a full post on it next month but know this, it involves this matching set outfit.

As you can probably tell from the posts I have been putting up this month, I have taken a different route with the blog this year. So far I have gotten a good response and I am happy to finally see my site take the form I have long yearned for. I will continue this thread and add more fashion and beauty related topics as I try to cover all bases.

Another exciting this is that I have now categorized my shop and created a Maternity Dresses Kenya Facebook page dedicated to all things maternity from dresses for sale to advice I collected during my own maternity to celebrities maternity styles etc. Please like and share the page with your friends.

On life and family

I am counting down the days to Elly’s first birthday. I have already started planning her birthday dinner and party. I know this sounds a bit control-freak of me, but when I am excited about something I can’t help myself but plan, plan, plan!

Just recently, I read an article that spoke about new opportunities and having the courage to pursue them. I have just discovered that I am afraid of change. I do everything in my power to run a way from it and then I get bummed out because life is too boring and predictable. But after reading that article, I started to really think about my life and all the things I want to accomplish: being an awesome mum to Elly, be a good support to my better half and meet my life goals that I cannot afford to be afraid of change. I have to see the new, exciting opportunities knocking at my door and be courageous enough to go into the unknown. I am so happy to have learnt this life lesson and to have shared it with you.

Thank you for your support this month!

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