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Hello lovelies!
I’m sure for many of you January is one of the longest months in the year. As a student, I never realized what the adults at that time spoke about when they referred to January as being a tough month. After the festive season, most people just want this month to get by as fast as possible. When I started working, I finally understood what they meant by it. January can indeed be a tough month.

I have a list of resolutions, set for the first six months of this year. With the coming of the baby in the first quarter of the year, there are some things I need to work on before and immediately after the baby comes. One among them is to continue with my exercise regime. I had slackened off a bit towards the end of last year, but this January I have picked it up again. Even with being 35 weeks pregnant and my movements are limited, I walk quite a bit but then have to make sure I rest enough and that I drink a lot of water to remain hydrated. I feel good and refreshed. The scary thing is that mum keeps teasing me that seeing as I can’t stay put, I might go into labor while walking around.

Another resolution that I have been working on is remaining positive at all times. A continuous positive attitude is one of those things that take a lot of self-discipline to cultivate. For starters, I have tried to keep my prayer life alive and well. Morning prayers as well as constantly turning to God during the day for thanksgiving and petitions. At the beginning of this year, I declared that 2014 would be full of great things. So far some wonderful things have happened and the encouraging thing is that it is only January! I am so excited I can hardly wait for the rest of the year.
On the blog and business front, things are looking up. I have not been too consistent with my blogging because my laptop got spoilt and my morale was kinda dampened. But I have picked myself up and will be putting up more regular posts come February (we will review this resolution in next month’s Mid-Week Reflections). My online store on the other hand has picked up a lot. I am getting more and more excited by how it’s growing., my other baby, is coming along well. At the moment I am specializing on maternity wear as well as office-wear. I had hoped that I could expand next month, but with the baby coming so soon, I have had to reorganize myself and wait a little. But you can still visit the site to make your purchases and orders.
Well, so far, this has been my 2014. Tomorrow, I will highlight a few things about the blog as I try to explain more about Inches To Style, blog and online shop. 
How is your 2014 coming along? 
Thank you for stopping by.
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Happy Wednesday.


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