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Mid-week Reflections | February Edition

While this month seems to have crawled by, I still can’t believe that March is right around the corner. I usually divide my year into sections depending on what I am looking forward to. In the past, Easter and my sister’s birthday as well as the man and my anniversary have always pushed me through the first two months of the year. This time is quite different. Next month my baby, Elly, celebrates her first birthday and to say that I am very excited is an understatement. I have planned and planned all the little things that I wish to do that month not only to mark Elly’s birthday but also as a way to say thank you to all those who have supported us throughout this year. I will be sharing more of this as the days approach.
And speaking of plans, I had mentioned earlier this month that I have been working on a project that I can’t wait to unveil. To put all speculation at bay, I will be showcasing one of the most exciting projects I have undertaken yet, later this week.

While I have been struggling with the “What career path should I follow?” question for a couple of months now, speaking to my boyfriend about my plans, wishes and aspirations has helped me put a lot into perspective. To give you a little background information, when I was at a crossroads about what name I should give to my blog, he helped me brainstorm and I think he was the one who came up with the name Inches 2 Style, i2s in short. At that time, this was all a hobby for me, a means to pass the time as I waited to return home after finishing my degree. Three years later, I started to figure out what I wanted this space to be and while I knew he would support my decisions, I feared opening up to him about what I wanted. I was afraid he would tell me to be realistic and get a real job. I was afraid of my dreams being crashed. Instead, what I got when he asked me to tell him what I wanted was unbelievable support. He even helped guide me on steps I should take towards making my dreams a reality. I am hopeless at business topics etc, so it is nice to have someone I can trust guiding me.
After our conversation, I started to realize that sometimes the help or push we need to begin on that long unfamiliar road towards making our dreams a reality is just besides us. God puts people to help us out near us even though we do not see them. You might go around looking for a stranger to understand you but your best bet might be that one person who knows and loves you, faults and all. Fear is an irrational feeling that can keep you from opening up to someone even though they long for you to rely on them just a little bit more. I now know another meaning of trust.

Thank you for your support this month. I look forward to more exciting things come March.

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