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MEN’S STYLE: Winter Trends

Hi all!
It’s been a long time since I did a post on men’s fashion. I have been getting requests from some of my guy friends on what looks good, what is in fashion and consequently, what should I pay good money for right now. 
Below I put together photos of my favourite winter trends for men for autumn/winter 2013. And since the temperatures have dropped in Nairobi, I think this is a good guideline for anyone looking to shop for the man in their life or for men shopping for themselves.
1. Grey
The monochrome trend is big, no huge right now. Pair grey pants with a grey blazer/trench coat to truly capture this trend. If you choose to go full on grey, wearing different shades of the same colour is the ideal way to go. Like the first pic on this post, pair a grey suit with a shirt of a lighter shade of grey and a grey tie. Top it all off with confidence and you are off to turning heads as you walk down the streets.
2. Dark Red 
Wearing colour when the weather is cold and dull is a sure way to lift up your mood. Pair a deep red blazer with blue/teal trousers for an adventurous look. When pairing two unlikely colours, you can separate them by wearing a neutral colour in between them. For instance in this look, the teal trousers and deep red blazer are seperated with the black t-shirt.
Deep red can also be worn with browns, navy blue, grey or black. Be sure to play around with the colours. 
i2s Tip: I usually have second thoughts when it comes to wearing dark red. I always fear looking like a matatu conductor, what with their maroon uniforms. But if you choose a well-tailored blazer with black undertones, you will definitely not look like a conductor.
3. Blue
Traditionally, the colour blue was considered to be a man’s colour. I don’t think this colour should be restricted to men, but they do look dashing in blue, don’t you think? Add a splash of blue to your regular cold weather outfit and you will be rocking this year’s winter colours. 
For a monochrome look, wear different shades of blue together. 
1. Sports Coats
For a weekend outfit, sports coats are a smart, warm and casual option. I’ve always loved sports coats so you can imagine my joy at seeing them in a trending list.
Sports coats can be worn with khaki trousers or jeans. One amazing thing with men’s clothing is that their colours can be combined with many things. So unless you choose to go for extreme styles, all you need is a single sports coat for your weekends. If you wish to, look for one with leather detailing like the one above.
2. Large Checks
I love checks!! After seeing this, I think I’ll get my boyfriend a checked sweater (Shhh, our little secret!!!). The above mustard yellow checked blazer really stands out. If yellow isn’t your colour, go for reds, blues, even green is an out there, unusual colour.
3. Hiking Boots
These are perfect for the cold weather. And investing in a good pair of boots will ensure you don’t think about buying a new pair any time soon. 
Boots with dark laces can be worn with a suit, as seen above.
Alternatively, they are perfect for the weekend. Pair them with jeans, corduroy or khaki for a military-style look.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Look out for more on men’s style later on this week.
Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Unknown

    Hey 🙂 lovely post…was hoping to see some scarves styles too though

  2. Glamour ZONE

    great post darl, i find men clothes very inspiring
    check out our new post.

  3. Glamour ZONE

    great post darl, i find men clothes very inspiring
    check out our new post.

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