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Hi all!! Neville of Kenyan at 7 requested I do a how to layer effectively post, especially targeted to men.  Layering is a skill that you acquire after a lot of practice. I often get amazed at the antiques people pull in order to stay warm. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult to keep warm and still look neat and tidy. Below I’ve spelt out tips for every man that are assured to keep you warm during this cold weather.
1.       Vests 

I know many guys think that wearing a vest is something that is reserved for older men. But when the temperatures drop, nothing keeps you warmer than that extra layer, worn closer to your skin. Cotton vests are available everywhere from supermarkets to exhibition stalls to even hawkers. As I’m big on neutral colours for innerwear, whites, blacks and grays will suit you very well.
2.       T-Shirts
Again go for neutral colours. Those old sports t-shirts that you wore in high school just won’t make the cut. First get rid of them. Then invest in a few, fitting t-shirts in black, white, grey or navy blue. As I said in the prequel to this post, peeping t-shirts is very unsightly. So if you are wearing open-collared shirts, look for v-neck ones instead of round neck collars. For those of you who wear ties to work, either of the two collars will do. Ensure that the t-shirt is plain or has minimal print details.
3.       Sweater vests
Also known as half-sweaters, I always picture grandfathers wearing these. Someone once told me that this is because as they get older, they feel even colder hence the extra layers. But I think for a classical look, a man can wear a half sweater underneath his coat to keep warm. 
4.       Scarves
For added warmth, scarves are essential. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with colours. Black, grey, navy and chocolate brown are great but for a less corporate look, pick darker shades of other colours such as maroon and dark green. Checked scarves are also great for men and are a good way to add colour to your outfit.
5.       Socks

Firstly I don’t understand how a man can wear closed leather shoes without socks. That is just gross.
The cold weather begs for extra layers. Wool socks will keep you warm throughout the day and prevent you from wishing you had worn three pairs of socks in the morning. There are different ways to picking colours of socks. When I buy them for my boyfriend, I pick blacks, dark greys and navy blues. He matches them with whatever he is wearing that day. Alternatively, you could match the colour of your socks to your trousers. Avoid white socks at all costs unless you are wearing jeans over the weekend.
For more inspiration on men’s winter fashion check out my Pinterest board here.
Happy Thursday!!!


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