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Hi all!!
Following my previous post on how to choose a great suit, today’s post will focus on what you can use to accessorize your suit. Buying a great suit is only the first step. Now you need to get the right accompaniments for your suit.
You need to get the right shirt for your suit. This could be the classic white shirt, light blue or even a black or navy blue one. Depending on the formality of the occasion to which you are wearing a suit, you might have to stick to the white or light blue shirt. Sometimes you can be bold and opt for a striped shirt. However, try not to let the print of your shirt compete with your suit i.e. avoid shirts with loud checks in extremely bold colors. These will make you look too busy.

It may seem obvious that a full suit calls for the addition of a tie. Ties come in a myriad of colors, patterns and styles. At the moment, slim ties are on fashion so this will be a good way to update your suits. If the occasion allows it, your tie poses the best opportunity for you to add some color and showcase your personality even when you are “conforming” to a dress-code.
In my opinion, bow-ties are for the adventurous. Most guys would not be caught dead in a bow tie. After all, many people had to wear them when they were younger and had little say on what they could or could not wear. You can opt for a bow-tie when you are going for a black-tie event.
Ok, gentlemen, whether you like it or not, women notice your shoes. And they speak volumes about you. I know men’s shoes tend to be slightly more expensive than women’s shoes but this is no excuse to wear ugly shoes. Ok, there, I said it. Always ensure that your shoes are in good repair and that they are well polished. If you can’t polish them yourself, there are many stalls throughout town where you can get a good shine. Keep your shoes black or dark brown especially when you are wearing a classic suit.
Belts are an obvious accessory for men. I always think that when you tuck in you should always wear a belt. It looks classy and completes the outfit. The obvious colors of belts are black or dark brown. As much as possible, try and match your belt to your shoes.
Braces are more commonly known as suspenders. If you want to go for a bold, old school look, I say wear braces. But keep the colors simple and under no circumstances should you wear braces with a belt. That’s like wearing a tie and a bow-tie. 
Some suits, three-piece suits come with waistcoats. otherwise you can decide to buy one in a contrasting color and maybe with a pattern to accompany your suit.
Next post, on Tuesday, will focus more on which occasions you can wear a suit to.
Happy Friday!!!
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  1. Liz Jumah

    Nice blog Audrey!
    I love your sense of style!keep it up.
    come by my blog too at

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    Hi Liz, thank you so much!!!

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