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Hi all!!
Last week we looked at how to buy a good man’s suit and how to accessorize a suit. Today, we will look at which occasions call for the wearing of a suit.
 In my opinion, a suit is a very formal item of clothing. This means that, it should be worn to very serious functions. The seriousness of a function depends on each individual but there are some occasions where a suit will serve you well.
Last week I attended my mum’s graduation at the University of Nairobi. What struck me most, apart from the sheer numbers, was the difference in attire between the men and the women. The women went all out: heels, classy dresses, nice purses and well done hair. Some of the men, on the other hand looked like they had just woken up in yesterday’s clothes, thrown on the nearest pair of shoes and come for graduation. There were a few men who looked dashing in their formal clothes.
All my rambling amounts to this. Not everybody gets a chance to graduate. You have had the privilege of joining a university/college, to complete your studies and to graduate. Wear a suit, man!! If you can’t find one within your budget, mix and match! But please, dress up a little.
Weddings offer the perfect excuse to dress up. Because wearing jeans to a wedding is a big N.O. take advantage of this joyous occasion to wear a suit. Particularly when the wedding is that of a close relative or friend, you have every reason to dress up. In most cases, you can wear your lighter-colored suits on this day i.e. greys, off-whites and browns. I once saw a guy in a yellow suit and I almost stopped him to have a chat about how bold I thought his clothing choices were.
In this day and age, when many young men are going freelance, the dress-code gets thrown out the window. When you are meeting a potential client or giving an update of your work, dress sharp. Remember that first impressions last long. First-time clients will develop a good impression of the kind of person you are and the quality of your work by your clothes. Human’s are visual creatures. This means that what they see contributes a lot to what people think of you, whether or not they realize it. 

When you have to attend a big event such as a red carpet event or a corporate party calls for the suit. For a dinner, a tuxedo or suit with bow-tie will give you old Hollywood charm. Day-time events will require a less formal suit. Be sure to inquire as to the dress-code before deciding on what to wear.

Be it an anniversary, birthday, wedding, funeral or just a big family party, you can wear your suit. This all depends on how formal the event will be. Please leave your suit at home if you will be spending the day in the great outdoors. 
I know of some gentlemen who wear suits to church from time to time and they stand out and draw all the good attention to themselves.

The next and final post in this series will give you visual ideas of colors that are suitable to African men’s suits.
I hope your week is ending on a high note. Mine has been somewhat stressful. I developed a sore throat on Sunday and by Monday morning it had developed into a full blown flu. I’m better now, thank God and Coldcap and I’m really looking forward to picking up speed next week. 
All in all, I wish you a great weekend.

Happy Friday!!!
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  1. Christina. S

    The attire that you wear plays an important role on your wedding. So, choose the best Men wedding suits according to your body shape.

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