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Hi all!!
There is nothing I love more than a man in a good suit. And what do I mean by a good suit? A good fit, colour and of course appropriate for the occasion. Unless you are a lawyer  or  work in an office that requires you to wear a suit to work every day, most men can get away with the formal shirt, trousers and sweater combination for most the of their working lives. But what happens when you have to attend a very formal function like a wedding, funeral or even on important event in your life like graduation or a very important date? I believe these events call for a suit.
In this biweekly series, I will give you tips and tricks to get you off to buying a good suit and wearing it well.
How to choose a good suit

1. Get fitted.
There are very many shops where you can buy a suit, but how do you know what is your ideal suit size. I met a man who sells men’s clothes who could tell your ideal suit size by just looking at you. Visit shops that are well known to sell good suits and ask for help in picking your size for example are you a size 38 regular or 40 long. All this depends on your height, trouser length etc.
 Even when you know your recommended size, you might need to have adjustments made. These include shortening trouser lengths or arm lengths. Get a good tailor to do this for you.
2. Know colours that suit your skin tone
When a man is rocking a suit, he tends to draw a lot of attention to himself. You want to draw the right kind of attention and have anyone looking at you wondering where you got such a good suit. The most common colors for suits are black, navy blue and charcoal grey. At the moment, grey suits are on fashion so you can get one for yourself. 
You can get adventurous with colors but always seek a second opinion. Prints such as stripes are available but they look for sophisticated when the stripes or checks are subtle instead of loud.
3. Know what is on fashion
When it comes to suits, at the moment you can  rock a grey suit, with a slim fit and a blazer with a slit down the centre of the back. What is fashionable is just a guideline on how you can update your suits using colours, fits or prints.
Next post, on Friday, looks at accessorizing your suits.
Happy Wednesday!!!
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  1. Unknown

    Now this, has caught my attention. Love this post. Can't wait for Friday.

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