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Memoirs Of A Girl With Acne Prone Skin | Dealing With Low Self Esteem

For most of my teen years, I had troublesome skin. I tried a lot of products and treatments, chemical and natural, that promised me smooth, clear, acne-free skin. But this didn’t do much to help the situation. (I talked about this and the products I ended up using in more details in this post). After a number of years of continuous struggle, my face cleared up all by itself. For a long time I enjoyed having glowing acne-free skin with very little effort and expense.

Come this time last year all that started to change. It started with a huge breakout on my forehead which refused to respond to any of the treatments I tried. Then it started spreading to the rest of my face eventually reaching my neck. To say that I was horrified is an understatement.

As my face went from bad to worse, my confidence fell in equal proportions. That’s when I delved into the makeup world full force. I watched YouTube videos and learned how to apply makeup. I researched and experimented as I looked for the right shade of foundation. I practiced and practiced until I became happy with the result. But the sad thing about putting on makeup on already bad skin is that it is only a temporary solution. Every evening when I would remove my makeup and wash my face, I was forced to confront my dull, life-less skin and all those breakouts. I hated my skin.

My confidence reached a new low when one day while I was sitting in the matatu, reading my book, a lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked me, what was wrong with my skin. It took all of my willpower not to be rude to her so I just smiled and asked her why she would say that. She then proceeded to advice me to use cold water to wash my face and then to apply lemon to get rid of the acne and the resulting scars. She used this, she told me, and her face was now very clear. I thanked her for her advice and continued to read my book. That incident, coupled with all the people I know asking me what I had done to my face really brought me down. I felt insecure. I couldn’t even take photos of myself or look forward to meeting up with old friends because I knew they would ask me about my face.

You see, nobody tells you how low you feel when your face is giving you problems. Growing up, I heard people comment that a girl who went out of her way to get all dolled up and have her hair looking gorgeous was vain and self-centred. So you can imagine how selfish I felt when I started complaining that my face was looking so bad. I felt like I was the most vain person in the world because hey, people have bigger problems.

But you know what, just because you have acne-prone skin doesn’t mean that you should just accept it and move on. A friend brought this to my attention recently. He suggested seeing a dermatologist and seeking professional help. And you know what, it’s helping me a lot. For starters, I have peace of mind because now I know I am getting help that will bring me results. I am also growing in self confidence and can walk around without makeup even though my skin is far from perfect.

My request to all of you who might have a friend who has troublesome skin, don’t ask her about it. Don’t pester her with solutions and home remedies that worked for so and so. Don’t encourage her to buy expensive products that you aren’t sure will work on her face. Instead, go with her to see a professional and be her loudest cheerleader as she goes through this struggle. Some flaws are easy to hide but when you have one on your face, there’s not much you can do about it. And yes, she is aware that her face isn’t looking its best, so don’t rub it in.

Below are some photos of my days with smooth, clear skin, days that I am looking forward to having again.

2017: Trying to use make-up to hide the ugly scarring
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  1. Unknown

    I think it's brave and inspiring of you to share this. It's very encouraging for those of us out here also struggling with our skin and I'm glad to know that you are getting help and are in a better place 🙂

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    Thank you Natasha! It's a very traumatising experience to go through and I am happy that someone has seen that they aren't alone in the struggle with acne. xo Audrey

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