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Audrey Masitsa, memoirs of a bespectacled girl

Memoirs Of A Bespectacled Girl: Part II

For Part two of this series, I want to share my glasses wishlist with you. Even though my shopping for glasses is inhibited by the size of my lenses (I can’t get just about any style of glasses that I want because the frames need to camouflage the thickness of my lenses), I have since come to learn that it is possible to get stylish, statement making specs even if I am as blind as a bat. And guess where I got my inspiration from? From Penelope Garcia of Criminal Minds, of course! In the show, she is just as blind as I am and yet she has such cool specs that make my mouth water!
I love how she matches the colour of her glasses to her outfits. She never runs out of shapes of frames to try and while some styles are conservative, not to mention ordinary, others are out of the box and fun.
Without further ado, here are some styles and colours of specs that I am loving.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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