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Audrey Masitsa, memoirs of a bespectacled girl

Memoirs Of A Bespactacled Girl: Part I

I have been wearing glasses ever since I can remember. I am as blind as a bat without them so you will never see me without my specs. Allow me to share with you a few anecdotes that will demonstrate how much I rely on my glasses.
I wore glasses all through primary school and high school. One of my earliest memories of school is of a time when I must have been 9 or 10 years old and I broke my glasses while I was in school. I remember running to my mum with tears in my eyes maybe because I realized my predicament or out of fear of being reprimanded, and throwing myself into her arms all because I had broken my glasses.
Then I have another memory of having broken my glasses over the weekend and placing them in a drawer as I prayed for a miracle that they would be fixed by the time morning came.
There is also a time in high school when one of the screws holding my glasses together came loose resulting in my lens coming out of the frame. I remember playing with said lens on my desk as the teacher taught and then it slipped and fell and the glass shattered.
There is also one other memorable day when I was foolish enough to have my glasses on when I went to take a shower. I remember placing them on the windowsill and then the next thing I knew, I had pushed them and they had fallen onto the floor and were broken. I know I walked around for a while with one shattered lens as I waited to get my new specs.
As you can probably tell, if you want to get on my bad books or even punish me, take away my glasses. The downside of being so blind is that I have very limited choice when it comes to the style of frames that I can have due to the thickness of my lenses ( I will share with you my lens lust list in Part II of this series). This means that I have pretty much stuck to one style throughout the years because these hide how thick my lenses are. I have varied the colour of the frames though but you can imagine my frustrations when I go to the optician and I am unable to pick out a more current style of frames.

Buuuuut, I was excited to try on contact lenses. Between 2012 and 2013 I wore my contacts on and off. As much as I enjoyed not having the hustle of protecting my glasses at all times, I found that having my contacts sort of changed who I was. I ended up looking like a completely different person. I haven’t written off contacts completely since I was adviced by my doctor to wear them instead of glasses but glasses are part of who Audrey is. Embracing this new glasses-less Audrey will be a bit difficult but what’s life without a challenge, right?

Be sure to drop in next week for Part II of this series.

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