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MATERNITY DIARIES: The Countdown At 38 Weeks

Hello lovelies!
I have reached 38 weeks of pregnancy and I can hardly believe it. In truth, I never thought this moment would reach. I have a distinct memory of envying two of my friends when they were at this juncture thinking that I would never reach. But lo and behold, the countdown has officially began. 
Earlier this week I had my doctor’s appointment and then it hit me that it could well be the last such appointment I have. He made it clear that the baby could arrive at any moment from now and I just sat and stared at him wondering if I was well prepared for this. For months I have been preparing myself, reading, speaking to my mum and aunt about babies and what to expect but now that I have an uncertain two week period in which I am to wait and see, I am bordering on terror. Terror, not because I don’t know what to do with a baby (I’m the eldest of 5 and have many younger cousins so baby care is one thing I am familiar with) but because I have no control over when the baby arrives. I know, I know, I am a bit of a control freak (my sisters would probably refer to it as quite the control freak). I don’t having no control over my life but this mentality is something I am learning to let go of and to leave everything in the hands of the Almighty.
So we are counting down. Time does fly by. Just the other day I made the announcement that I was expecting a little bundle of joy and now baby is almost here. I am trying to put my affairs in as much order as I possibly can starting with the blog. I don’t want to leave you all feeling abandoned as I adjust to life with a new little person. So I am preparing blog posts in advance to run throughout March. Of course there will be times when I have a minute or two to spare and I will take advantage of that to pop in and say hello. Otherwise, I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Another thing that I have been working on is updating my playlist. Music is one of those things that relaxes me. And since I have put it all over the place (phone, laptop, flash disk), I am trying to collect all the music that I love and put it all in my phone so that it is easily accessible.
I also love to read. As I don’t know what the first month with a new baby will be like, I am collecting as much reading material as I can just in case.
Of course there is the last minute shopping that I can’t stand but that I have been forced to do. Has anyone of you noticed that no matter how much you plan ahead, there is always that little something that you will need to do at the last minute? It’s annoying but, what to do?
Thank you for stopping by.
Remember you can leave your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter and follow me on Instagram.

Happy Thursday.


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