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Maternity Diaries, Style Tips

MATERNITY DIARIES: Style Tips and Tricks

Hi all!
 One of the biggest challenges when you are expecting is maintaining your personal style when you have an ever expanding waistline. When every week brings with it a different body size it is difficult to wear the same clothes from one week to the other. I remember once swearing that when I do get pregnant, I will not let my style suffer. Little did I know that this was easier said than done.  But since dressing up is a mood up-lifter for me, I am trying my best.
As a follow up of my announcement last week, I have put together 5 simple style tips to help mothers-to-be  manage their changing body and still remain stylish. 
1.       Do not under any circumstances throw out your old clothes.
This has become a mantra for me. Your old jeans and coats can still be worn. I wear my jeans with a long tube top or vest underneath my blouse/shirt so that I can leave the button open without anybody noticing.
Although I can’t button up my coats and sweaters I still wear them to add a polished look over my outfit. In this way I have avoided wearing clothes that are too big.
2.       Buy clothes that are just a dress size bigger than your pre-maternity clothes.
Do not wear oversized maternity clothes. You will look bigger and not stylish at all. Clothes that are just a size bigger than your ordinary size will just fit and not have loosely hanging bits in unwanted places. Do not be afraid to flaunt your curves. I read somewhere that many women want to be in the position you are currently in but do not have the chance, so you should take advantage and enjoy your new figure.
3.       Prints are your new best friend.
Prints will make your baby bump look smaller. I am proud of my bump but I am not ashamed to look for ways of making it look smaller (what can I say, my stomach hasn’t been this big ever so I sometimes feel self conscious). Prints such as polka dots, stripes, checks and floral prints are great for distracting people from your ever growing bump. You can wear them vertical or horizontal depending on your style preferences.
4.       Wear statement pieces.
Especially from the neck up statement necklaces, earrings and bodices with details are a great way to distract roving eyes. Statement pieces have always had a special place in my heart. At least I can still rely on this part of my wardrobe remaining intact.
5.       Remember your make-up.
I sometimes have no desire to stand infront of a mirror and do my make-up particularly when my face is acting up. But I make an effort to do my eyebrows and to apply lipstick at least on Sundays when going to church. I hate the smell of nail polish but after my boyfriend commented on my lack of it and offered to pay, I pushed myself to get a pedicure and manicure.

So far, these are my style tips for expectant mothers. I have a few months to go but I am looking forward to seeing all the different changes my body is taking. It’s amazing to see that there are so many new things that I have yet to experience.

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 Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Unknown

    I love this tips and they are really helpful. Keep it up. You can also check Her style is amazing and trust me when I say she doesn't look pregnant but she is. Hope this was helpful.

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