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MATERNITY DIARIES: Of Diets and Cravings

Hi all!
At 25 weeks, I have managed to keep my weight gain at a constant 2kgs at every doctor’s appointment. This has come with much discipline as regards what I eat and how I manage my cravings.
In my first trimester, I used to eat all the time. I would have breakfast consisting of weetabix, tea, toast, at times I would add an egg. Then an hour or two later, I would eat a sandwich. The next eating installment consisted of fruits at which point it would be time for lunch. After a hearty lunch, I would have fruits then have something to eat at 4pm and at 6pm followed by dinner at 7/7:30p.m. This wasn’t the end of my eating for the day. I always woke up in the middle of the night for some nourishment of some sort usually bread or a banana.
As soon as my mum realized how much I was eating, she put a stop to it with one reprimand. She told me to control the cravings and if I felt hungry, I should eat fruits avoiding bananas and avocados as much as possible. This reprimand, which I know was filled with love, helped me start eating healthy. Now I eat fruit and weetabix for breakfast, at 10 o’clock I sometimes have tea and toast. Then I have lunch at around 1pm with a fruit at about 4pm. Dinner follows at 7pm and occasionally I wake up at night for a fruit depending on how well I ate my dinner.
One of the most important things I have learnt about eating well is that it starts mentally. Once I told my brain that it would have to make do with three meals in a day and the occasional snack, I stopped eating all the time. Another thing that has helped me tremendously is keeping away from temptation as much as possible. I love junk food, but these days, I only indulge once in a while as a treat. 
As for cravings, like any expectant woman, I do have cravings. Most of the time, my cravings are more of the fruit and vegetable variety. From time to time I will crave a samosa, fries, cookies, cake, chocolate and crisps. I however control these cravings by waiting for sometime before buying myself any of the things I’m craving so that when I do get say a packet of crisps, I will eat that one packet and be satisfied.
Other aspects of my diet that I have taken a keen interest in are my fluid intakes. The doctor asked me to drink plenty of water, at least 3 litres a day! This is the biggest challenge for me because I live in the cooler parts of Nairobi so I don’t get thirsty that much. I have to make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water. Another fluid that I am trying to drink more of is milk. I don’t like milk at all. I can eat yoghurt, ice-cream and even cheese but milk out of a packet is like giving me a punishment. But when I noticed that my teeth were getting sensitive, I was advised to increase my calcium intake. It’s important for me and also for the formation of the baby’s bones. I avoid caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and coke.
 These are my dietary experiences so far? What other tips have you heard/practiced? 
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 Happy Monday!

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