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MATERNITY DIARIES: My Style These 9 Months

Hello lovelies!
These past nine months have been a roller-coaster ride for me, stylewise. I never in my life imagined how big I would get so it came as a bit of a surprise when my clothes slowly started getting tighter and tighter. But the shopaholic in me took advantage of this to get new clothes. At first I didn’t want to buy so many maternity clothes but I quickly realized it had become a necessity. I have two sisters and I was quite happy to partake of some of their clothes for a while. Mum also gave me some things to wear so I ended up buying very few dresses to add to my wardrobe.
My Style During The First Trimester

As is typical, in my first trimester you could hardly tell I was expecting. What became quite noticeable those first three months is that I started filling out my clothes. My hips and bust became more noticeable, something that makes it slightly harder to keep the fact that you are expecting a secret. I remember my sister laughing at me when I told her that I needed to buy new bras. This was a phenomenon that was previously unheard of so for her it was an opportunity to tease me endlessly. 

So during my first trimester, my wardrobe was basically the same as before I got pregnant. Some of the dresses (like this maroon skater dress) I had kept aside that were slightly on the larger side started fitting me so I was quite excited to have an opportunity to wear them. My heels were still my best-friends at this point so I took advantage to wear them every moment I could as I knew that at some point in the next 9 months, I would have to pack them away.

My Style During The Second Trimester

In my second trimester, my baby bump had started to show. For those who knew me very well, it was pretty obvious that there was a bun in the oven. For those who didn’t, they had to be really paying attention to notice my expanding waistline.

My wardrobe choices during these three months had started to change. I raided my sisters’ wardrobes more often since some my own clothes had started to get too tight for my comfort. As I refused to buy maternity pants, I would wear my jeans with the button left open, but with the waistband covered up with a long top.

But dresses were becoming more and more of my go to choice than anything with a waistband. My shoe choices had started getting limited to flats. Before I got pregnant, I had a very narrow foot so my shoes were narrow. In my second trimester, I could still manage to fit into my closed shoes comfortably. Instead of stilletto heels, I opted for wedges when it came to wearing heels. Skinny heels would result in terrible backache so these were stored away for future use.

My Style During The Third Trimester

At 6 months and beyond, it becomes quite obvious that there is a baby on the way. At this point, I had kept away all of the clothes from my “previous life” since they were occupying space and only made me yearn for the days when I had a waistline. I acquired some dresses from my sisters and mum as well bought others. I had kept some of my dresses from before to wear during this time but I waited too long and when it was time to wear them, they had become very tight. Trousers with waistbands e.g. jeans were a no-go zone. I can’t stand the discomfort and just want my bump to be free.

Leggings became my best friends since their elastic bands stretched to accommodate my expanding waistline comfortably. So I opted for these when I wanted a break from wearing dresses. As for shoes, in my third trimester, I had all but given up on closed shoes even ballet flats. When I had about a month to go to my EDD, the doctor told me my body was retaining fluid hence the swelling I would experience whenever I walked or sat for too long. This made me give up most of my shoes and end up wearing flat sandals a lot.

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Happy Monday.



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  1. Vhutali

    beautiful moments reflected on this pics. hope lil one is keeping you happy!

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