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MATERNITY DIARIES: Baby Shower + What I Wore

Hello lovelies!
Happy new month! I am now at 39 weeks of pregnancy and can hardly wait for baby to arrive. I’m not very good at waiting so this is a new challenge for me. Last Saturday, I had my baby shower. I was so happy to see my friends and I couldn’t help but notice how much support baby and I have. I have made it a point to tell baby that he has very many aunties just waiting to welcome him into the world. 
We had high tea followed by introductions, sharing of advice and finally the giving of the gifts. My mum and two of my cousins were present (they are both mothers and nurses) and it was nice having firsthand advice from them. They spoke quite well about what to expect during labour, motherhood and caring for a baby.
One of the things that has really stuck with me is that as a mother, you have to give your child your very best. I don’t know about other mothers-to-be but when I found out that I had a little one on the way, I was determined to improve myself professionally and socially. It was as if my work suddenly had new meaning and I started putting even more effort into doing it well. I started working on how I relate to other people, surrounding myself with those who add value to my life and challenge me to be a better person and getting rid of those who are only holding me back. Spiritually, I realized that in order to be a good mother, I need God as my guide, so I worked to improve my relationship with him. All in all, I want to make sure that in spite of my mistakes, when I do teach my child how to be a responsible person, I not only rely on my words but on my actions as well.
Other pieces of advice that were shared during the baby shower included training of the baby to sleep the whole night instead of sleeping during the day and staying awake at night, how to help them learn to be independent and proper feeding to ensure the baby is well nourished. Another thing that I distinctly remember is that each child is different so it is important to foster that individuality in them. In that same line, it is important to remember that what might work for one mother as regards her child may not necessarily work for another mother. You have to try different methods of accomplishing the same thing and find that which works best for you and your baby.
I had a great time on Saturday and I learnt a lot. I know I have a great support system and when the baby does arrive, I can turn to so many people for both advice and help.

What I Wore: Baby Shower
This dress was a gift from my sister and I instantly fell in love with the colours which aren’t my usual colour palette. It’s a bustier and still fits even when I am at my biggest. I paired it with grey earrings (a gift from my brother) and a white coat. 
 A big thank you to all of you who managed to make it on Saturday and those who couldn’t, I hope to see you soon. 
Thank you for stopping by.
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Happy Tuesday.


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  1. betty

    Hi, really love the dress en ur style
    all the best
    I op I will receive such wisdom when ma bump tym comes

  2. Unknown

    you looked lovely, and the day was awesome. the colors compliment your skin tone.

  3. Audrey Masitsa

    Thank you Liz and thank you for coming!!!

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