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MATERNITY DIARIES: 2nd Trimester Memoirs

Hi all!
Last week I shared my experiences from my first trimester of pregnancy. Much of those first three months was a blur. I became more aware of what was going on in me in my second trimester. I had had my first ultra sound towards the end of the first trimester and I got to see my little one. Baby was small but I could make out the entire body and see him moving around.
At about 15/16 weeks, I started feeling movement. I remember the first time I became aware of any movement I had just woken up and was lying in bed preparing myself for the day. Then I felt a little nudge and when I realized what it was, I was so excited. I had been told to start looking out for movement from the time I was 14 weeks so this was a huge moment for me. Over the next couple of weeks, the movement became more and more noticeable.
The second trimester was much easier than the first. I was already used to being two instead of one. My appetite had more or less settled down. I was now eating regular meals and didn’t have to pay too much attention to cravings because they were few and far between. The exhaustion I was feeling earlier was long gone and I was no longer moody. Life became so much easier and I could do as much work as I wanted without feeling overwhelmed.
Of course there was the more noticeable increase in weight and waistline but I could still get away with wearing some of my old clothes. Towards the end of my second trimester, I however had to get a bigger size of clothes because I had gotten considerably bigger. In spite of the fact that I noticed an increase in my size, many people told me they could hardly tell that I was expecting. These were very encouraging words seeing as by now I was very conscious of my new body.
My second trimester was not as eventful as the first trimester. What I cherish most is feeling my baby move. It felt like we had a connection and we could communicate. Sometimes I’d ask baby to move so that I could feel it. I’m now in my third trimester (29 weeks) and the changes are very noticeable. I will post more on this much later when I’ve been at this for a while longer.
I’ll share more of my maternity experiences next week.Be sure to drop by my online store to shop my new stock.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for stopping by.
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 Happy Monday.

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