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Life Lessons: The Importance of Knowing What Works For You

 Months before I celebrated my birthday (which I celebrated last week), I had started reflecting on what lessons I had learnt in the last year. One of the lessons that I saw recurring was the importance of knowing what works for you and sticking by it.

It  might not come automatically but when you figure out what works for you when it comes to matters of relationships, career, style, health, etc.:
  1. You will first and foremost ensure that you spend far less time making decisions. You know when to say yes to and when to say no. 
  2. You also become more confident in yourself. Having figured out what works for me, I find that I don’t need to explain myself to anyone or feel the need to justify my decisions. 
  3. You are better able to follow through on your decisions. It becomes easier to stick by your decision and face the consequences down the line.
  4. You don’t get easily swayed to try this and that just because other people are trying them. This will, in the end, save you not only so much time but a huge chunk  of change as well.

 I have, over the years, figured out what styles work for me. While I never discriminate against new trends unless they are very very obscene (and I am yet to find such a trend) I know which ones I will follow without a second thought and which ones I might need to take a bit of time to warm up to. Wide leg trousers are one such trend. I loved this trend from the word go. And as such, I didn’t need anyone to convince me about buying these trousers.

When it comes to shoes, I know heels are no longer my thing and I am OK with that. My peers may be rocking mostly heels but knowing that I can’t has helped me when it comes to shopping. I now have just a few pairs of heels which are comfortable enough for me. I prefer chunky heels so I invest in those. But I mostly buy flat shoes which I know I can wear any time.

 All this does not mean that I am so rigid and I don’t experiment. I love trying out new things especially when I notice that I am getting bored of something. And this my friends is what makes this life lesson so interesting. You know what works for you and it makes your life so much easier but at the same time, you know you can switch it up every once in a while and perhaps find something new that works for you.

Outfit Details:
Trousers and Vest: Thrifted (Gikomba Market, Nairobi)
Shoes: Bus Station, Nairobi
Necklace: New Delhi, India
Earrings: Gift

Thank you for stopping by. xo

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  1. Unknown

    Love the vest, it looks super trendy..I also don't do heels that much as before and I actually love flats

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    Thank you Sharon. Yay, #TeamFlatShoes

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