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Life Lately: 10/08/2015

Hello loves. I hope it’s not too late to say happy new month. It feels like eternity since I was last here. So much has been happening that I hardly know where to begin, haha!
Over the last month, I have had to dedicate a lot of time to two things that are very important to me:

  1.  I have been working on personal growth, mostly on positivity as has been clear on my social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). You know those times when you feel like you need to refocus on things, recharge your batteries and re-evaluate your life? That has been me over the last month or so. 
  2.  I have finally managed to take a much needed step in the running of my shop, Botique i2s. As you are well aware, when I started my shop, I ran it online. But with time I realized that I needed a central place where I could meet those clients to whom I couldn’t make deliveries. I spent a good chunk of time looking for a space that would be both convenient and comfortable for my clients and affordable for me. Thanks to my good friend Sidi, I managed to get a place in town where I can now meet my clients for fittings and pick-ups.

These are the two main reasons why I haven’t been blogging lately.The third reason is due to an ill stroke of luck. Last month, we were broken into at home and the thieves made off with my laptop, camera and flash drive, crippling me completely. I didn’t even know where to begin. But you know how they say every cloud has a silver lining? Well, I have gotten a new camera with which I am trying to teach myself photography! I have been taking photos for the blog forever and it’s nice to finally have an opportunity to learn what happens behind the lens.
With that out of the way, I have lined up a couple of interesting posts which I will be working on and uploading as the month goes by. My schedule is C.R.A.Z.Y but I cannot imagine my life without my blog and you guys.

Something brief about my outfit, I have been struggling with how to wear these ankle boots to the point where I even considered giving them away. Then I remembered seeing a similar outfit in Stalker (the series) and I decided to recreate it. I paired these brown ankle boots with my favourite skinny jeans, a pink t-shirt and DIY sequin blazer which is now big and is going into the for sale pile. A pink lip and printed scarf as a headwrap completed my outfit.

Outfit Details:
Jeans: New Delhi, India;
Blazer: Thrifted + DIY
T-shirt: from my sister
Ankle Boots: Nairobi CBD

Thank you for stopping by.

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