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Jumpsuit + Badu Headwrap

Thank God it’s Friday, right? I am so excited for the weekend. It always signifies trying out new unexpected things like the combination of this basic black jumpsuit and the Badu headwrap I had on last Sunday. The first time I wore this jumpsuit, I kept things extremely low key. This time, since I was more comfortable in it, I opted to glam it up a bit with a statement necklace, colourful headwrap, orange lippie and my new Maryjane pumps (a birthday present from The man. He knows me so well, sigh *insert starry eyes*).
I am still deathly afraid of jumpsuits since it is very easy to have it too tight and overemphasizing your assets but I think once you get the fit right, you can never go wrong.
Last week I announced that I had started a hair styling challenge. I am currently on Day 9. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get a glimpse of how it’s going. I am really enjoying myself and can’t wait to explore this hair styling further.

Have you recently discovered something new that you thoroughly enjoy like I do styling my hair? Do share in the comments.

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit: Botique i2s
 Scarf as headwrap: Chandigarh, India
 Shoes: gift 
Necklace: borrowed from my sister

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