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Hi all!!!
It’s the end of July and I can hardly believe how fast this month has come to an end. When I looked at my calender yesterday I was like, “What is going on?? Where did the whole month go?” So without farther ado, here are the posts that featured on Inches To Style this month.
***Posts on how to style different clothes and dress for different occasions.
This post was in commemoration of Tujuane, a dating show where I have seen some good and some outrageous first date clothes.
I wrote this post based on questions I have been asked on how curvier women can wear a white dress without it making them look bigger. I gave 5 easy tips to bear in mind while buying and wearing your  white dress.
***Posts on what I wore for different occasions. 
3. Floral dresses
This month I put on a lot of floral dresses. I didn’t know I had so many of them but apart from these two there are a few more.
Gearing up for warmer weather in floral dress and turquoise flats
Fighting the cold weather in a floral dress and sling backs
i2s NEWS
****These are posts about different happening on the blog and on other sites you can find me in.
4. July Giveaway
I hosted my first ever giveaway which closed yesterday. I will be announcing the winner on Friday.
5. Shop Inches To Style
I got new stock this month. Check them out here.
6. i2s on Instagram
I shared a few of my favorite Instagram pics. You can follow Inches To Style on Instagram for more.
7. Mid-Week Reflections: July Edition
This month, I have learnt not to over-rely on myself and instead put my trust in God.
I also highlighted some of the major happenings in my life in the last couple of months.

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Happy Wednesday!!!

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