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Audrey Masitsa, Editor's Note

January in Retrospect

 The first month of 2016 is almost over and I am so excited by all the prospects that this year will bring. Here’s a look back at what January has been like for me.

Feeling inspired by…

1. I saw this and I thought of all those shawls and pieces of fabric I have left over from a DIY project that I don’t know what to do with. This is a good idea no?

2. Another possible DIY project.

Trying to achieve

1. A stronger prayer life

2. Success, despite the many, many, many challenges faced on a daily basis.

3. Inner peace, to come to terms with my past mistakes, forgive myself and move on to better things.

Life Update

As you might have noticed, I haven’t shared much about my personal life outside life with my baby in a long time and for good reason. I suppose it is important to ensure that not all your laundry, dirty and not so dirty, is aired out in public. But sometimes it is good to share tidbits of your life in case you manage to inspire someone who might be going through a similar situation. As such, I thought I should let you know that I broke up with Elly’s dad over the holidays. I’m still going through the motions of being newly single but this just gives you an idea of where my head’s at.

Interesting finds from across the web
1. This Facebook page, where I got the above quotes, is right up there in my new favourite pages for motivational quotes.
2. Speaking of empowering women, I loved this article on being a strong woman so much I refer to it on a weekly basis.
3. I am very happy to see Nancie Mwai back on the blogging scene. She is such an inspiration. If you haven’t, be sure to check out her webzine here.

My current playlist
1. Romantic ~  Korede Bello ft. Tiwa Savage
2. Bamboo ~ Yemi Alade
3. Yellow ~ Cold Play
4. Sail ~ Awolnation
5. Got your back ~ T.I ft Keri Hilson
6. Knocks you down ~ Keri Hilson
7. Jar of hearts ~ Christina Perri
8. Say something I’m giving up on you ~ A great big world
9. Shake it off ~ Taylor Swift
10. Work of art ~ Rachel Platten

I’m looking forward to
– A busier February. Remember you can hire me for personal shopping and wardrobe consultations here.
– Preparing for baby girl’s birthday in March #superexcitedmum
– Completing one or two of my goals for 2016.

Thank you for stopping by this month. I’m looking forward to another month filled with inspiration and efforts to build a life suited to our unique personal styles. Cheers. xo

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  1. Wangu

    I share a birthday month with your baby girl.
    All the best in your business and hope you get that busy February

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    That's awesome Wangu. Thank you for the wishes. xo

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