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January 2015

I am so happy to have actually managed to fulfill one of my New Year’s resolutions, which was to post everyday here on the blog. I have not managed to do a full month of blogging in more than a year so I’m happy to see that it is possible.
Without further ado, here is a round up of the posts that appeared on the blog this month. If you missed out on anything, be sure to click on the link provided (links appear in purple and regular text in dark grey) to read the full post.

Celebrity Style

1. Favourites at the People’s Choice Awards.

2. Favourites at the Golden Globes.

3. Celebrity street style.

4. Favourites at the SAG Awards.

Momma’s Closet
A few of my outfit choices.

1. Holiday Recap: what I wore to a wedding, for Christmas and to celebrate the New Year.

2. DIY high-waisted pencil skirt and crop-top.

3. Maxi skirt and summer jacket.

4. Ankara skirt and tucked in crop top.

Plus-Size Fashion
1. Great ideas for dresses to wear in the hot season .

1. Summer office-wear ideas

2. How to hide a bulging mid-section

3. Trends to try the crop top

Hair and Beauty
1. Headwrap Tutorial

2. How to get the perfect eyebrows.

3. Faux mohawk tutorial.

4. Beauty tips from the SAG Awards.

1. What to expect on the blog in 2015.

2. First step in embracing minimalism, editing my closet.

3. Mid-week reflections January edition.

Which posts were your favourite this month? Do share in the comments below!

See you in February!

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