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Audrey Masitsa


I love clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and all things fashion. When I walk on the streets, go to offices, parties or even when I’m meeting people, I can’t help but notice what those around me are wearing. I like to take in their choice of outfit, the shoes they chose to wear and the bag they chose to carry. I look at the make up the lady has applied, is it too much or just enough? What hair style do they have? Is the outfit appropriate for the particular time of day and/or event? When I read newspapers or magazines I quickly flip to the style pages, something I’m sure many, many girls do.
As I walk through the streets of Nairobi after a somewhat long absence, I can’t help but notice how Kenyan ladies as well as the guys have embraced the latest fashion trends. However, I feel disconcerted when I see people follow fashion trends blindly. As ladies, more so as African ladies, it’s important to remember your body type when choosing an outfit. Not all the trends that are in are flattering to the African figure. Thus make the trend work for you by selecting pieces that flatter your body shape.
In this blog, I’ll try to showcase that as an African woman I can put on any outfit that I like but always remembering that I have to dress as if I respect first myself and then those around me. I’ll also touch on other aspects that make a woman because clothes and shoes do not make up all that a woman is.
Feel free to comment on the posts and send suggestions on what you’d like me to write about.

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  1. Anonymous

    A great way to start. Help our sisters out there see that its not just a matter of dressing, but dressing in decency. Fashion without decency becomes senseless.

    But please don't forget the men. There are a whole lot of us out there that need advise when it comes to fashion.

    Good Stuff.

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    Sudi Thanks for the comment. I've done a post on men's dressing. The first of others to come. Enjoy!!!

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