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Inspiration: The Best Piece of Advice I have Ever Been Given

 I’m a girl who likes to look for ways to better herself. I read motivational books and blogs. I have a board on Pinterest called Wise Words, filled with motivational quotes, some of which I share on Facebook and Instagram. I have started watching TED talks and I love listening to motivational speakers. I do all this because I believe there is always room for improvement. I might have been able to fight one vice but there is always another that needs to be tackled, lurking right around the corner.

This year has been a year of change and growth for me. I think I reached my lowest point just before things started getting better. During those moments when I couldn’t see an end to my pain, I remember wondering how God expected me to carry on: working and caring for my daughter and myself, when I didn’t feel I had the emotional and physical strength to do so. But then I someone shared something with me that I have refer to constantly.

Whenever I find myself facing a situation which I feel I cannot handle, instead of giving up and falling into despair, I stop and say: Lord, I know that there is no challenge on this earth, that you and I together cannot overcome.

Saying this has helped me find the strength I didn’t know I had to get through every circumstance that I have come across in the 8 months of 2016. I hope it helps you too.

Thank you for stopping by. xo

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