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Hello lovelies!
When I started Inches To Style, I was very inspired by the fashion scene in Kenya, more-so in Nairobi, my home town. As much as fashion has really come up in the city, I couldn’t help but notice that many women and men wore clothes just because they were on fashion and disregarded whether or not the particular outfit was suitable for the occasion and their body type or not.

From time to time, I have made commentaries on fashion scenes I have witnessed in Nairobi. My most recent post being about visible bras. I have since decided to put these commentaries under one topic, hence i2s Fashion Commentary. Here you will get my personal opinion on fashion choices made by Kenyan men andwomen (and that may also be applicable to other men and women around the world). Some of these topics will have been requested by you my readers (I will mention the person who requested a topic in the post). I will also give style tips on more suitable ways to wear the item being discussed.

Please note that this series only offers my personal opinion. I will not be dictating that people should dress in one way or the other, only giving advice on the obvious. After all, common sense is not so common.
I hope you will enjoy these posts. If you notice any fashion-related topics, please let me know via email
Thank you for stopping by.
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Happy Wednesday.


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