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How To: Wear Print on Print

One of the trends that I have tried to master over the years is how to wear multiple prints at the same time. I must confess that my obsession with getting it absolutely right has kept me from trying out the print on print trend. The simplest way to begin is with black and white and mixing polka dots and stripes and as you become a pro at mixing prints, you can branch out to adding a third print to your ensemble. Below are a few more tips on how to wear print on print.

Tips on wearing multiple prints

  • Pick pieces with matching colours or have a similar background e.g. a top and skirt with similar shades of blue.
  • Break up the prints with a solid coloured seperate e.g. a plain sweater, blouse or belt to reduce the busyness.
  • Choose minimal accessories to keep your look from looking too busy e.g. plain black bag and shoes.
  •  Mix only two prints especially if you are a beginner at mixing prints.
  • Pair a bold, large print with a more subtle one to create a balance.

Were these tips useful? Would you wear print on print? Which of the outfits below is your favourite?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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