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How To: Wear Leggings

****Many different things inspire me from music to things I read or see to things I own. MUSE brings together these sources of inspiration with the aim of helping me remember past ideas and also to aid me in coming up with new ones.

Leggings are one fashion item that’s been in vogue for a while now. It took me a while to embrace this trend and even after buying my first pair of leggings I couldn’t conceive myself wearing them in public. I needed some ideas on how to wear them without exposing myself to too many stares, for the wrong reasons. Also Blair Waldorf’s words in Gossip Girl (for those GG fans) kept ringing in my head, “…that tight are not pants?!?!”So I did a little digging.
They were originally intended for exercising but now have become a most important fashion statement. Leggings can be found in a variety of colours from black and chocolate brown basics to a wider variety of colours such as red, yellow and purple, for those who are daring enough to pull them off. Their length also varies. They can reach your knees, mid calf or your ankles.

Leggings can be worn in the cold weather paired with boots to keep you warm. They can also be worn in the warm weather with flats or sandals and a lighter top. If going for a night out one can pair leggings with a dressier top and heels.
When wearing leggings, remember that they are not a replacement for trousers thus you need to ensure that the top you choose to pair your leggings with is long enough to cover your hips and also has a looser fit. It’s unsightly to see ladies walking the streets clad in leggings and short tops, and being an African woman you are curvier than many western ladies. So dress accordingly. Cover the assets and you’ll look classy rather than trashy!! 
Leggings look great with dress tops and dress shirts. You can also wear them with skirts that reach mid thigh. Creating contrast between your top and your leggings can give your outfit an edge for instance, wearing black leggings with a denim skirt, or red leggings and a black top. Bright colours are in now so take advantage!
You can choose to wear your leggings in a variety of ways but always ensure that you’ve covered your hips.

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