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How To: Repair A Damaged Hairline

When it comes to hair care, nothing is more important to me than maintaining a full, healthy hairline. One of the factors I consider whenever I style my hair or put on a protective hairstyle is its impact on my hairline. I won’t just let anyone plait me and when it comes to styling, I try not to pull the hair too tight.

Quick Fix For A Damaged Hairline
My simplest trick for repairing a damaged hairline is to leave the hair unplaited for some time. That is, avoid plaits of any sort even protective hairstyles. In other words no braids, cornrows, weaves, etc. I usually do this for at least a month. In this period of time, I try to up my hair care regimen by first and foremost keeping my body healthy (eating healthy and drinking plenty of water) and keeping my hair moisturized constantly (a task I need to perfect).

The next step is to ensure that your newly repaired hairline stays that way even when you decide to plait your hair. What I do is I pay close attention when I am getting any protective style done. I try to ensure that the person doing my hair doesn’t make the plaits tight, especially around the edges. I try to avoid braids that have the hair parted into very small parts. I tell them to make bigger partitions which I know can withstand the weight of the braids. In this time, I also ensure that my hair is constantly moisturized, particularly around the edges which are more exposed to the elements.

So when you see me with my hair not braided for up to two months, know that there is a method to my madness. Have a great weekend!

What other tricks do you have for taking care of your hairline?

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