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How to overcome a negative mindset

How to overcome a negative mindset
Negativity not only come from outsiders, we also have to conquer negative thoughts that come up in our minds. This is one of my biggest struggles. Most of the time I try to keep my mind focused on all the positive things that have happened in my life and also on all the good that I expect out of my life. But there are those days when I wake up and no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to focus on anything positive. It was on one of these days that I decided I had had enough and I wanted to find a way to overcome a negative mindset immediately when it occurred.
Below are 9 ways to help you overcome a negative mindset

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1. Pray

I have found that telling God how I feel, what is making me sad, what I find challenging and leaving all my problems in God’s hands, gives me the strength to face the day.

2. Write in your journal
While I try to write in my journal often, on those days when I feel particularly low, writing what I am feeling really helps me to move on. I usually feel like I have taken a load off my shoulders.

3. Speak to a friend
Speaking to someone who you trust and whose advice you know you can rely on is a great way to have some positivity injected into your mind.

4. Go out for a walk
Nature has a way of soothing you. When I feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts, I find that going for a walk, even something as simple as going to the shops, instantly boosts my spirits.

5. Exercise
Exercising releases hormones known as endorphins and endorphins make you happy. There’s a whole science behind the euphoric high that comes from endorphins. And also, when I exercise, I like to pretend that I am hitting at any negativity that I might be feeling.

6. Read, watch or listen to something inspiring
Stories from people who have gone through something similar to what you are going through will give you a much needed morale boost.

7. Laugh
While you might not find it easy to laugh when your mind is full of negative thoughts, watching or reading something funny is sure to get you to laugh and as you laugh, you somehow forget those things that might be going through your mind.

8. Work/Do something career-related that will help you reach your goals
Work on that task that you have been postponing or that you need in order to take your career to the next level. The sense of accomplishment that you get from a completed task will motivate you further.

9. Do an act of kindness
Run an errand for someone, get their lunch for them, help them with their work, there are many things you can do to help people out. Focussing on others’ problems will help you see that there are other people out there struggling just like you are.

What do you do when you find yourself focusing more on the negative than on the positive? Do share in the comments below.

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