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How To Make Lasting New Year’s Resolutions

2015, for me, has been a year of getting things done. Over the course of my not so long life, I have gotten into the habit of planning to accomplish certain things and then not accomplishing them in time. But this year I was determined to put a stop to this. I wanted to actually get down to doing things and I am glad to have accomplished quite a bit of what I set out to do.

Below I have outlined 5 lessons I have learned in the course of this year.
1. The Evils of Procrastinating
One of my biggest weaknesses is that I procrastinate a lot. I like to wait for the ideal time to do things or make use of something (like the best time to put on a particular outfit). There were times when I ended up not keeping my word because I would say I would do something on a particular day and end up not doing it because I thought another date or time would be more ideal.
But the last four months of 2015 have seen me change this and do stuff without waiting for the ideal moment, like:
  •  Trying out those outfit ideas I have stored on my phone, laptop and Pinterest boards now rather than later
  • Give all my relationships my 100% this meant reaching out to long lost friends and trying to be a better friend to those I see more frequently
  • Read up on my area of expertise/interest and apply lessons learnt now

Lesson = When it comes to getting work done and making your dreams come true, there is no ideal time. You have to start now and work with the circumstances that you are in now to make the life of your dreams

2. Fear of the Unknown/Failure

One of the things that has made me have such a memorable time this year is the fact that I threw caution at the wind and went for it. For instance:
  • When I decided to put more effort in my online shop and personal shopper service, I was terrified of venturing out of my comfort zone. Running a startup is hard, money is scarce, and you have to constantly remind yourself of why you chose that path when you could have chosen a more assured one. But the rewards are enormous. The satisfaction I get from seeing happy clients and knowing that I have given my best is great.

Lesson = It’s good to be careful but sometimes, when you have to get things done, you have to stop saying “what if” and just go for it. Life is an adventure so enjoy it, #yolo

3. Break it down
This year, I was fortunate to have a diary that helped me organize myself a bit better. At the beginning of each month, just below the month’s calendar, there was a space where I could note down each month’s objectives. I would look at the list of things I wanted to accomplish during the year and split them into smaller tasks that I could work on each month. In that way, I could plan and budget and in the end I accomplished much of my 2015 bucket list.
Lesson = Divide your resolutions into achievable tasks spread throughout the year and you will find that you have accomplished much more by the end of the year.
4. Live in the moment
I read once that if you wanted to make God laugh, tell him of your plans. I liked this because it reminded me that I should not be so rigid with my plans so that when life doesn’t go my way, I get bummed out and lose morale to do what I love. 
  • If you have noticed, this hasn’t been my best blogging year. I have struggled with writers’ block for most of the year. I think my biggest problem is that I tried to get back into blogging too quickly and as if my life had remained the same after I had the baby. But the truth is, my life has changed and I have changed. I just need to find things that inspire me right now and convert those into fun, interesting topics to share with you guys.
Lesson = Take your current circumstances and tailor your resolutions around them. E.g. if you decide that you will be saving a certain amount every month but in the course of the year, your money situation changes, you can either reduce the amount you save or find ways to reduce your expenses so that you can continue with your savings plan.

5. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again
There’s no better lesson that I have learnt from my daughter than this. If she had given up she would not have learnt to walk, talk, eat and drink on her own, you know, the basics.
  • ·         When I started doing personal shopping, it was evident that people had different tastes and that I had to respect it. Sometimes I would get an order for clothes and the client would not be satisfied, such that I had to look for something else for them. At times, it would take up to 3 tries for them to be satisfied. But in the process, I learned so much, made lasting friendships and grew my skills (not to mention levels of patience).
Lesson = Whatever you set your mind to do in order to live the life of your dreams, if one way doesn’t work out, find another way to get you to the same goal.
I hope these tips will help you in making and achieving your New Year’s resolutions.
Happy new year!

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