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How To Look Chic In Flat Shoes: 7 Ways

For a long time I thought that the only way for me to look good and to have people paying me compliments on my outfits was if I was wearing high heeled shoes. I love heels but with a temperamental back, a baby and this heat, there are times when wearing heels is out of the question. Also when I was expecting, I had to embrace flat shoes. It is this need for practicality that drove me to look for proof that one can look chic and put together in flat shoes.
Below are a few tips I have gathered to help you look chic and fashionable even in flat shoes.

Style Tip 1: Choose interesting shoes like these polka dot flats to dress up a simple outfit like jeans and a shirt.

Style Tip 2: Show off your ankles by folding up your trouser legs to increase leg length.

Style Tip 3: Use them to tone down a statement outfit. There are times when you don’t want your shoes competing with a great outfit you have put together.

Style Tip 4: Dress them up. If you have a pair of ordinary flats, pair them with a cute dress, nice blazer, statement necklace and handbag and you are ready for a date.

Style Tip 5: Draw attention away from shorter length dresses and skirts.

Style Tip 6: Show off a great pedicure

Style Tip 7: Show off shoe details like bows and rhinestones.

How do you ensure your outfits look chic when you opt for flat shoes? Do share in the comments below. 

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