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HOW TO: Incorporate Current Trends in Your Wardrobe

Hi lovelies!!! I do hope you had a great weekend. Mine was good. First and foremost I’d like to do a little dance, well I’ve been bubbling with joy the whole weekend. Kashara of Undiscovered Worth featured me on Reader Appreciation Friday!!! It feels so good to be recognized by a fellow blogger. Thanks Kashara:)

Several people have asked me why I post so many photos of myself in different outfits on Facebook. I’ve been asked whether I want to become a model or if I am selling clothes among a wide variety of questions. I try as best as I can to explain that I have a personal style blog. I had originally intended it to be a fashion blog but with time I’ve branched to personal style.
The main aim of this blog was to focus more on personal style than fashion and current trends. I am not against following trends. Some of my favourite bloggers are avid followers of trends, if I do say so myself. (Well compared to myself, I would term them as avid!!) But I started this blog to help my readers and myself discover, hone and maintain their personal style. I’ve started realizing the things that I can call Audrey’s personal style.

Trends come and go so fast. Every couple of months there is a new trend, a new colour, a new cut of skirt or trousers, a new shape or height of heel, a new size and shape of a handbag etc. It can be quite overwhelming trying to keep up with the trends especially if you are on a tight budget. With the raging mitumba(second-hand or better known as thrifted) market in Kenya one can argue that you can buy trending pieces at reasonable prices. Who am I to argue with this reasoning? It’s very true. I recently bought a metallic clutch for 50 Shillings! But at what cost are you willing to buy all the trending pieces you can lay your eyes on? 

Keeping up with the latest trends shows you pay attention to your surroundings and what is happening in the fashion world. One of the handiest ways of incorporating trending pieces into your wardrobe is to ensure that you have at least three items (clothing and accessories) you can wear it with that are currently in your wardrobe. for example I bought this denim shirt because shirts are so me and add denim to the mix and I’m hooked! And I’ve worn it underneath a sweater, with a maxi skirt and with a checked trouser. I’m waiting for the weather to clear up a bit so I can wear it as a light jacket with a dress. All these items were already in my wardrobe. I didn’t spend anything to dress up this shirt.

Buying just those pieces which stay true to your personal style is another good way of adding these pieces to your wardrobe. It’s not advisable to buy something that everyone will be able to see the discomfort written all over your face when you wear it. For example I have a thing for shirts. At some point I had so many of them I had to give them away. I used to wear men’s shirts then moved on to more feminine cuts now I buy them in the style that is trending for a more updated look. Always stay true to your personal style and never ever try to imitate anybody else. Use magazines, stores and blogs for inspiration and add a little something of your own.
Accessories are a great way to add trending pieces to your wardrobe. For instance, I love the neon trend but at first I was so afraid to buy anything neon because I hate calling attention to myself. So I’m more comfortable like this:

But by starting slowly with one or two bright coloured items in my outfit it got easier.

Eventually I was able to wear something neon and now I can buy a neon maxi skirt and rock it with just as much confidence.
My personal favourite is to buy something that will last me more than one season. Straight-leg jeans are one such investment piece. They’ve been around for a while now and are still going strong!!! 

Once in a while you can indulge yourself and buy that one trending piece that you absolutely love as a treat to yourself. My experience is that you will find dozens of ways to wear it and will keep it for more than a few months. After all, we only live once and we must enjoy this life to the full!!!! For instance I can’t get over the maxi skirt/dress trend. I hope it lasts a while longer so that I can enjoy it a bit more.

And this is what I’d describe as my personal style.

I hope this post was helpful. 

Happy Monday!!!



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