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Happy new month everyone!!! This month I decided to do a series of post called How To… I’ll be featuring transitioning and how to add that little something to an outfit you’ve worn over 100 time and you want to revamp it.
This is the first post in this series. If you are anything like me jeans and a tshirt is a favourite go to outfit. I think this is mostly because of my uni dress code which I managed to keep casual through out my 3 years at the University of Delhi. I love dressing up but there are days, many of them, that all I want is to feel comfortable. And on such days, wearing heels is not an option. This was one such day. I wore this outfit to a lunch date I had with my cousin. I hadn’t seen her in more than five years!!! How do you not see someone for more than five years and hope to meet them the same way you left them?? I keep asking myself this question because people have changed!!! 
This outfit consists of blue skinny jeans which I paired with brown graphic tee. I added a boyfriend blazer to add a little something to the outfit and make it a little more than jeans and a tshirt.

To accessorize, I wore my plaid ballet flats, carried a blue hand-held bag. For jewellery I chose to wear shades of pink, ie bracelets and necklace. For earrings I chose these black and grey ones more because I was in a hurry than coordinating with my outfit. My mum gifted me this bag and I’m in love with it. I can’t wait to style more outfits around it!!!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
Happy Monday


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