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How to Deal with Toxic People | 3 Tips

 Have you ever come across that person (perhaps people) who seem bent on making you doubt yourself, your abilities and even your self worth? People who make you think you are too sensitive or that your reactions are inappropriate? These are called toxic people, people who in my book spread a lot of negative energy.
I had such an encounter once and it wasn’t pretty. I had to fight tooth and nail for a number of years to get this person out of my life but in the end I came out triumphant, free of all that toxicity.
I don’t want to rehash all that I went through while I was trying to deal with this person. However, I would like to share with you some ways in which you can deal with toxic people.

1. Remove this person from your life
Like you would an old band-aid, rip this person out of your life. Their toxicity is ruining you, destroying your self confidence and making your life a living hell. Do everything you can to get rid of them.

2. Avoid them like the plague
If the toxic person cannot be gotten rid of say maybe it’s your boss or a relative or a colleague, try and avoid getting anywhere near them. If you have to deal with them, spend as little time as possible with them doing only what needs to be done and then leave.

3. Pay them no mind
Should you have to endure their intoxicating words, let their words flow through you without allowing them to register in your brain. Think of a sieve. Keep only those things that are useful to your life and let everything else flow right through.

These are my tips for dealing with toxic people. Do you have any other tips? Do share them below so we can add to the list.

Thank you for stopping by. xo

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